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Teodora OperaWire’s Best Performance of the Year

Best of 2021: OperaWire’s Staff on the Best Performances of the Year

“During 2021, I had the good fortune to attend nine new contemporary operas. Although many people are still very suspicious, and hold deep prejudices against new works, they rarely turn out to be anything other than interesting, engaging and imaginative pieces of theatre. I thought it appropriate, therefore, to select my favorite from 2021, and this had to be Ravenna Festival’s presentation of Mauro Montalbetti’s “Teodora,” starring Roberta Mameli in the title role. Not only was it a musically beautiful and accessible work, but its presentation in the 6th century Basilica of San Vitale with its with its huge cavernous spaces and thick columns created stunning acoustic effects, while the colorful mosaics on its walls created the perfect visual backdrop”.

scalata al cielo in cinque movimenti

Première: 2th June 21.00 p.m. Basilica di San Vitale

live streaming

Chamber opera for soprano, voice, dancer, choir and ensemble (Edizioni Curci, Milan)

music Mauro Montalbetti
text and stage direction  Barbara Roganti

Roberta Mameli soprano
Matilde Vigna voice
Barbara Martinini dancer

Altrevoci Ensemble
Andrea Berardi organo

Coro dell’Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “ Verdi” conductor Antonio Greco

commissioned by Ravenna Festival  2020-21

Take off Live Streaming from Teatro Grande, Brescia

December 2020

Mauro Montalbetti

Symphony for improvisers (2016)

Double voices (2020)

Works commissioned by Fondazione Teatro Grande

Take off Fulvio Sigurtà (trumpet), Gabriele Rubino (clarinets), Massimiliano Milesi (tenor sax), Emanuele Maniscalco (drums, piano, synthesizer), Maurizio Rinaldi (electric guitar, live electronics) Daniele Richiedei (violin), Giulio Corini (bass), Giacomo Papetti (bass, electric bass)